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Role of Video in Technical & Support Content (poll) | TechWhirl

TechWhirl WebsiteTechWhirl Website United StatesPosts: 396 admin

imageRole of Video in Technical & Support Content (poll) | TechWhirl

Vote in the new TechWhirl poll on the role of video in delivering technical and support content, and comment on your experience with managing it.

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  • Fer O'NeilFer O'Neil Posts: 5
    It’s always good to see other technical writers bring up the topic of videos in techcomm and sometimes it doesn’t seem like we’ve progressed too far since we really started to discuss this a few years ago (e.g., STC Summit 2012, or more recently addressed through the STC with Matt Sullivan’s series). Whereas we are starting to see a “grassroots” movement to not only making and including videos in technical documentation, but also beginning to solidify the business justifications for creating them. One point I will touch on that you mentioned is regarding making video searchable—there are more and more methods for using supplemental video content in documentation that can both add an additional support channel and contribute to a better search (and find!) experience for users. Using a repository such as YouTube and then embedding the videos in documentation is one, and using dynamic transcripts and metadata is another.
  • SridharSridhar IndiaPosts: 1
    TechComm Trend - Shift from conventional documentation.

    Users don't want to read instructions and prefer short videos. I experimented this and received good feedback from users.

    Creating videos - Factor this:
    -> Planning
    -> Script
    -> Rehearse
    -> Voice
    -> Effect: Zoom-in etc.
    -> Edit: Post-production
    -> Total time - < 3 minutes

    Just my 2 cents

  • imable2010imable2010 United StatesPosts: 6
    I've seen good results from in-house videos that announce a new feature or address a frequently-asked question.

    Users looking up information on existing features, especially complex ones, don't seem to find it as useful. A search might lead them to the exact video, but not the exact spot in the video. Trying to find that spot can be frustrating.
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