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Lost in Localization: Fail Is the New Black | TechWhirl

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imageLost in Localization: Fail Is the New Black | TechWhirl

Everyone has a failure story. Fabiano Cid tells about how brand is enhanced by honesty and the aura of expertise that comes from sharing hard-won knowledge.

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  • "Fail is the new black." Great phrase. I find that in order to be an authentic leader and manager that I have to share my failures as well as my successes. Over the summer, when conducting an STC Webinar on Project Management and the Technical Communicator, I shared some significant failures that I had experienced as a project manager. The participants were receptive to hearing that information and it's my hope that others can learn from my failures. To act like there haven't been failures in my professional career or my personal life would not be truthful.
  • @dr_herman Thank you for the comments and for sharing your experience. I could not agree with you more. People love super heroes but their failure-prone human personas make them more believable and appealing. Besides, one can learn from one's own mistakes, but also from other's.
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