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Book Review: The Language of Content Strategy | TechWhirl

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imageBook Review: The Language of Content Strategy | TechWhirl

Jacquie Samuels reviews The Language of Content Strategy, a compilation of 52 terms that marks an important step to a common language for content strategy.

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  • Scott AbelScott Abel United StatesPosts: 2
    Thanks for sharing your views, Jacquie.

    "The Language of Content Strategy" is a multi-channel publishing project (we made a book, an eBook, a website, and a deck of cards from a single source of content) that relies on intelligent content principles and content engineering tactics (many of which were originally created by technical communication consultants) to produce a content marketing project that touches on topics that are of importance to content strategy professionals. It's not aimed at technical writers, although some technical communicators might find the content useful. Instead, it's a real-world case study that demonstrates the power of XML, content reuse, and component content. It's also systematic and repeatable, so new books will be created in the series (look for "The Language of Content Marketing") that will leverage different software tools, different technologies, and different XML schemas. Content pros outside the world of technical communication don't understand our vernacular and find having a common set of terms useful in some situations.

    More than anything, this work is an effort to show what is possible. And, it is a work in progress. As the reviewer suggests, additional value can be found in treating this vocabulary as a living document that can be added to over time. Comments from the audience can be incorporated into later versions. And, the entire book is freely available on the web, so those who don't want to spend a dime don't have to. They can read along with others as we publish the "Content Strategy Term of the Week" every Thursday at www.thelanguageofcontentstrategy.com.

    And, the approach is catching on. Marketers are the most interested. It will be interesting to see how savvy marketers might use a single-source, multi-channel content approach to produce content of value -- content people actually want to read.
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