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Content Strategy Versus DITA Content Strategy (poll)

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imageContent Strategy Versus DITA Content Strategy (poll)

Vote in the latest TechWhirl poll on whether organizations can implement a DITA content strategy, in place of, or in addition, to a content strategy.

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  • larry_kunzlarry_kunz Posts: 6
    You can implement a content strategy, and then you can decide that DITA is the best framework for developing, maintaining, and organizing the content. In that sense, you can implement a DITA content strategy.

    But if a consultant offers to sell you a DITA content strategy, without first analyzing your organization's business needs and processes, then bar the door!

    Sarah is right: DITA is not a content strategy. It's a way -- one of many valid ways -- to implement a content strategy.
  • mbakeranalectambakeranalecta CanadaPosts: 53
    Tools are not strategy. Even when you have decided that the aims of your strategy can best be implemented with a particular tool. (Which is, in itself, tactics and logistics), it is still not a strategy of the tool. As soon as you put the tool name into your strategy discussion, you have made the tool, not the business goal, the focus of your activity and planning. That is always a mistake.

    The strategy is not to implement a tool, or move to a CMS, or move to XML. The strategy is to product great content that meets business objectives. As business conditions change, the tactical implementation of your ongoing content strategy may call for jettisoning one tool and investing in another. That is all tactics. Strategy is what tells you when your tactics need to change. As such it MUST be tool agnostic.
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