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Drawing a Wall: Technical Communication and Graphic Design

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imageDrawing a Wall: Technical Communication and Graphic Design

How real and how high is the wall between "technical communication" and graphic design? Dan Goldstein ponders the wall, and putting it in its proper place.

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  • larry_kunzlarry_kunz Posts: 6
    This is great, Dan. I like how you distinguish between the different kinds of illustrating. We need to be able to understand these distinctions when we make a business case for taking the graphic-design work inhouse and/or for purchasing software.

    The key is knowing what the job calls for. I agree with you that most technical writers should have tools like SnagIt, Visio, and Photoshop in their repertoires. Even when the job calls for something more specialized, like CAD or even drawing dachshunds, the technical writer should be savvy enough to provide clear direction to the artist about things like use of color, positioning of callouts, highlighting, orientation, and so forth.
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