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Advice needed -- no writing samples

I have worked for some eight years as a technical writer. In much of the work I've done, I was working for a federal government contractor and I was not allowed to keep any of my writing.
So I now find myself with no writing samples. (I do have strong abilities, however.)
Does anyone have any ideas about how I can apply for jobs without having any writing samples?


  • SundarNSundarN Posts: 3
    Hello Ned,

    I have faced this situation myself. To overcome the same, I contribute to a blog on technical writing regularly. I try to write about technical writing in a way that helps someone as well as showcase my knowledge and skills. 

    The other thing that you might consider doing is taking some time out to contribute documentation to any of the open source projects that you may like or use. You can then show that as your writing samples. 

    Hope this helps. 

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  • SimpalmSimpalm Posts: 1
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