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Seeking advice

To be perfectly honest, I am totally outside of my comfort level here. I do not speak your language and that makes it difficult for me to know where I should post or if my post is even appropriate. I own an on-line discussion forum. I have created about 60 FAQ articles to help my members but these are just WORD documents that have been turned into PDF's. It would be nice if I could find a suitable software package that would allow me to create a more professional looking document and be able to insert photos, charts as well as multiple colours. This is just for my own personal use. I have no intention of making a career out of this or performing work for anyone other than myself. Any advice on free or low cost software that would possible meet my needs would be most appreciated. The shallower the learning curve, the better. Thank you in advance.


  • smahlersmahler United StatesPosts: 1
    Message from Vendor:

    You should check out Doc-To-Help.  It works seamlessly with Word, and does not require that you convert your Word documents into any proprietary format.  Plus, it will easily add the professional touch you are looking for.  Feel free to learn more about Doc-To-Help here:

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