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Adobe FrameMaker 12 First Look Review | TechWhirl

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imageAdobe FrameMaker 12 First Look Review | TechWhirl

Adobe FrameMaker 12 launches today, and Bernard Aschwanden provides this first look review of the top new and improved features.

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  • cmdixie54cmdixie54 Posts: 1
    One VERY important little fact that I have not found in any Adobe marketing materials yet, is the fact that FM 12 is NOT compatible with Sharepoint 2013/Office 365. !!! It took half a day trying to configure the CMS, plus a costly tech support ticket, to find this out....
  • In actual production, I'm finding FM version to be immature. Lots of instances of just plain sloppy programming and no evidence the product was ever opened by Adobe's QA team. I'm not just talking about the annoying default settings like printing 3 copied of each page. One serious problem is it forgets the format of your generated LOF, TOC, LOT, and Index files. You generated the book to find there are no footers, headers, or formats at all.

    The app also likes to dump debug files and refusing to then save the "real source" file because the extension is not valid. When a product tells you in a menu that your generated files are screwed up and explains how to *try* and retrieve the original copy, you know there are problems. The instructions for recovery of the files are almost as simple as clicking your heels together three times and saying ...

    If anyone would like my 5 page listing of problems and workarounds, send me an email. They could save you from spending a fortune on therapists.
  • What is the point of publishin DTP-program only in Windows-platform? Get this back to Mac and I can use and recommend this to customers! What a nuisance.
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