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What Does DITA Look Like? | TechWhirl

TechWhirl WebsiteTechWhirl Website United StatesPosts: 396 admin

imageWhat Does DITA Look Like? | TechWhirl

DITA authoring newbies can find the answer to "What does DITA look like?" before they embark on an implementation in this reference from Jacquie Samuels.

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  • howagoodhowagood Posts: 1
    Recently I started reading a book entitled, "DITA 101". My expectation was to be shown examples of DITA, primitive though they might be. After finishing two chapters I was as much in the dark as when I turned to the first page. So, thanks for enlightening me with this short article.
  • Jacquie SamuelsJacquie Samuels CanadaPosts: 38
    You're welcome. Glad I could help.
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