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Tips and Tricks: Creating Video Recordings to Share Online | TechWhirl

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imageTips and Tricks: Creating Video Recordings to Share Online | TechWhirl

Bernard Aschwanden shares tips and tricks on creating video recordings that both newbies and veterans can use to produce effective technical content.

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  • sciEditorsciEditor Posts: 1
    First of all, why isn't this in video form? Just teasing. But really. Why not? Medium is the message, and all that.

    Second, why do you say "don't talk"? There is value in silent demonstration, but the user can always mute the sound. Narrating to explain what you are doing addresses additional learning styles. I think somewhere in here you imply that you'll do a voice-over later, but that's not written out as one of your steps.

    The process you've written out here is what I followed when I first started making videos. I am very happy to have this post to send people to when they ask me how to make video demos.

    After creating several dozen videos (practice), I now skip the scripting part; but only because I know my topic inside out and have the "process I want to demo" very clear in my mind. To demo a task newer to me, I'd go back to scripting. You can see one demo I made about creating custom PDF stamps in Adobe Reader XI here: http://blog.catchthesun.net/2014/06/stamps-acrobat-tips-for-proofreaders-markup-of-pdfs/

    PS To create screencasts on a Mac, you can use the free Quick Time Player (I think they come with that) and simply select "New Screen Recording." It even has an "export to Youtube" (or Vimeo) option. An external mic is a must, though. Headset is ok, but my $60 USB mic made an enormous improvement.
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