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The Help Files: Resume Special | TechWhirl

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imageThe Help Files: Resume Special | TechWhirl

If your summer projects include landing a new job, the Help Files can lend a hand. Craig Cardimon provides resources and tips in the Resume Special.

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  • To me, most of the resume tips floating around the 'Net are old news. However, I did use the link about automated age discrimination to make a long-overdue, critical change to my LinkedIn profile this afternoon. Another link (in essence) suggests that it's high time I moved to a functional resume. I agree. Thanks, Craig, for spurring me into action.
  • I also like hearing about tips from someone like Craig who has been in trenches as long as I have. Watching a "How to Interview" video recorded by a millennial just isn't doing it for me when I feel I should be mentoring them.
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