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Controversial New DITA Element Set For 2.0 Release | TechWhirl

TechWhirl WebsiteTechWhirl Website United StatesPosts: 396 admin

imageControversial New DITA Element Set For 2.0 Release | TechWhirl

A new DITA element is set for 2.0 major version release, amid a storm of controversy among standards proponents and technical content professional groups.

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  • jaxheysjaxheys Posts: 6
    That's hilarious.
  • Larry KunzLarry Kunz Posts: 15
    It's high time this was added to the DITA standard. I've been lobbying the committee to do it for years. I do plead with everyone, however, that they use it in a semantically correct way -- for example "Lost Cat" posters and maintenance manuals for nuclear power plants.
  • GeorgeFlarianGeorgeFlarian United StatesPosts: 16
    yes definitely this is quite hilarious
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