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Departmental help for a cloud application

I'm going to be developing departmental help for a cloud-based application.

That is, I will be creating help that tells an employee how we're going to use the software. For example, let's say it's HR software and I'm the HR person who is adding a new employee. Let's say our company policy is to enter the last name in all caps (I'm just making this up). And let's say we have a workflow where I can enter the information, but my manager has to approve it. So somewhere I want a help topic called "Adding a New Employee (HR Generalist)" and maybe an overview of the process.

If we were hosting the software on our own computers, the answer would be simple: Create web help (I'm using RoboHelp) and upload it to our own computer and give everyone the link. But we're not, and although the software will allow us to upload the occasional PDF, I can't imaging uploading a full web help set of files manually.

Has anyone had to do anything like this recently? Suggestions? I want to avoid the situation where a user downloads a file (a .chm, .epub, .mobi) because I see users all time accessing the wrong versions of files because they downloaded it in one place one time, then somewhere else later, but accessed the original file by mistake.


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